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Sunday, March 11, 2018
By Malleret Designs
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As you begin the first steps to start planning your wedding, consider attending an open house to get a great sense of space, decor, and vendors. You can search for these open houses at anytime as they happen year round, but most happen early in the year and in the summer. These open houses can provide an early welcoming connection with vendors that can help you make your vision come true in a stress free process. Great deals may also arise from different vendors you meet attending these open houses. So as you begin your wedding planning Malleret Designs recommends you to take the time to attend one of these imformative events to show you a fully decorated space giving you the genuine feeling of what your wedding can be. Here are two examples of open houses we have recently participated in.Springdale Station & Vintage Villas 

This 1980's venue, Springdale Station, mixes a contemporary and historical atmosphere to bring to life an old train station in East Austin. If you step outside onto the patio you will quickly run into a unique railroad crossing open for weddings, parties and more. Malleret Designs brought two different styles to Springdale Station for their open house ribbon cutting ceremony. We designed a contemporary style for the ceremony side of the venue, and mixed this with a romantic look on the reception side. Both looks can be done at this beautiful venue giving you the versatility to have multiple designs options for your events. This is the perfect opportunity for newly engaged people to experience a real wedding ambience to help guide your vision on your upcoming wedding. Along with this, multiple vendors are on site to present their services to the couples. By attending these open houses, you and your partner can begin to form your own ideas and styles for your weddings while meeting different vendors along the way that share your same vision. 

This next venue is irresistible and consists of a beautiful view overlooking Lake Travis, along with a 44 room hotel right beside it. Close to downtown, but in the unique hill country, Vintage Villas is the perfect getaway for your outdoor wedding. With perfect views of the sunset from all sides this venue offers a private and intimate location for up to 300 guests. This January, Malleret Designs was part of one of Vintage Villas' extravagant open house offering a bohemian twist to this outdoor venue. Open houses are a great way to not only meet the vendors, but also enter for chances to win discounts on different services towards your wedding such as floral, catering, and venue. 

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